Zcash Foundation Adds Clovyr CEO Amber Baldet to Its Board

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Zcash (ZEC), a privacy coin that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to enable anonymous transactions, has recently completed its Community Governance Panel Election, adding Amber Baldet, the former blockchain lead at JPMorgan, to its advisory board.

When Baldet was at JPMorgan, she led the Quorum project, the bank’s internal blockchain platform rumored to be preparing for a spinoff. After leaving last April, Baldet shared that she was planning to launch her own blockchain startup

Named Clovyr, the new startup functions to accelerate decentralized application development, whether they run on the public Ethereum blockchain or on a private network. Clovyr provides tools that will define privacy-first design and ultimately will work to assist non-developers to run full nodes.

Baldet now joins Ariann Simpsons, founder and managing director of Autonomous Partners, a fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and Ian Miers, founding scientist of Zcash, as the newest members of the Zcash Foundation board.

Zcash Foundation

Other questions raised in the election centered around monetary policy, mining algorithms and even trademark usage.

Earlier this week, Zcash announced that it has activated Overwinter, the first network upgrade designed to prepare the protocol for future network upgrades. The update went live at block 347,500 and brings a number of new features including “versioning, replay protection for network upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, a new feature of transaction expiry, and more.”

Zcash also recently released its 2-year roadmap, which highlights plans to improve privacy assurances and adoption for third-parties, as well as details for wallet improvements and other applications.

The addition of Baldet to the foundation’s board will bring a new level of expertise and guidance to the $700 million project.

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