You Will Soon Be Able to Send Litecoin (LTC) via Text Message


Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin (LTC), is promoting a new project coming to the Litecoin ecosystem that will enable users to send and receive LTC via text message (SMS)., a product by Zulu Republic, plans to introduce LTC to a broader audience by enabling users to transact across mobile devices, without the need for internet access. is already available as a proof of concept on the popular messaging app Telegram.

According to the company’s official announcement, users will soon be able to access the Litecoin blockchain and send LTC with SMS messages anywhere in the world. will allow users to interact with Litecoin using commands via Zulu’s backend LTC API system.

Zulu decided to release a beta version of on Telegram because the messaging platform provides built-in privacy and encryption functionality. Telegram also simplifies the transaction process due to its support of command driven third-party bots.

This version of features a Telegram bot that users can send commands to, e.g. to obtain their current Litecoin balance, to reveal a Litecoin address for receiving funds, or to send Litecoin to a Litecoin or email address (sending via email address is currently available only for registered recipients).

After achieving a proof of concept on Telegram, Zulu plans to roll-out support for SMS transactions. Once live, users will be able to send LTC directly to a phone number or a Litecoin address. It’s important to note that this functionality actually enables users without Litecoin addresses to receive LTC, thus furthering the potential for widespread adoption.

There is no indication at this time when will be available for SMS, but LTC holders can test the product on Telegram now.

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