XAYA Teases New “Civilization-Like” Blockchain Game Built on the Unreal Engine

via XAYA

Blockchain game development studio XAYA has teased a new title, currently dubbed “Project X,” that promises to bring expansive strategy gameplay to the blockchain.

According to a recent announcement, the new title is currently being developed in-house on the Unreal Engine, a¬†game engine developed by Fortnite’s Epic Games, which has been successfully used in a variety of other genres, including stealth, fighting games, MMOs and RPGs.

XAYA notes that “Project X” is functionally¬†a combination of the following titles:

  • Civilization
  • EVE Online
  • Dune 2
  • Huntercoin

The initial screenshots released with the announcement show a similar aesthetic to the Terran faction in the popular Starcraft franchise. The developers note that the entire game, outside of the front-end, will be open source and entirely built on top of the blockchain, meaning true in-game asset ownership and cryptocurrency integration.


“We are keeping this one under wraps for a bit longer but we should have more public released details in the coming weeks. We have been planning and designing this for a couple of Months and we were hoping to release information then,” XAYA added.

In addition to the unnamed strategy game, XAYA reports that Soccer Manager Crypto (SMC) is expected to go into closed beta before the end of January. The upcoming game uses the same match engine as the popular Soccer Manager titles.

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