WAX (WAX) Surpasses 200K Accounts as More Games Join the Network


WAX (WAX), a blockchain network designed for scalable dapps, hit a major milestone this week surpassing 200,000 total accounts on its network.

According to WAX’s blockchain explorer, there are now 222,835 accounts on the network, up over 20,828 in the last day alone.

WAX TPS, price and total accounts (wax.bloks.io)

The growth comes in response to the launch of the WAX Cloud Wallet, a new wallet designed to simplify user interactions with dapps with a specific focus on blockchain gaming. The Cloud Wallet includes a number of features that lower the barriers to adoption, including two-click account creation, the option to have managed private keys, simplified developer integration and access to the various services offered through the WAX platform.

Additionally, WAX has poached several dapps from EOS (EOS) in recent weeks.

Prospectors, a former EOS-based MMO focused on real-time economic strategy, has been a major beneficiary of its move to WAX. According to a recent tweet, Prospector has surpassed 10,000 daily active users on WAX, which eclipses their 2,200 daily active users on the EOS-based version of their game.

Additionally, ITAM, the leading mobile game platform on EOS, plans to move its entire portfolio of in-game digital assets from EOS to WAX, including Dungeon Princess, Blue Dawn, Dark Town, Darkside Dungeon and a number of other games.

Dark Country, which launches next year, and battle game Chain Clash also recently announced plans to move their projects from EOSIO chains to WAX, according to the WAX team.

These developments come as WAX is staging a 30-day initiative to bring on EOS developers by offering $25,000 if they duplicate or move their dapp onto the WAX blockchain.

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