WAX Partners With Blockchain-Based Game Marketplace Robot Cache

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Blockchain project World Asset eXchange (WAX) recently revealed that it has partnered with Robot Cache, an upstart blockchain-based game marketplace that offers publishers a 95% cut of game sales.

According to the announcement, the strategic partnership will grant the WAX community access to the Robot Cache Early Access service when it goes live, in addition to having the opportunity to earn free IRON, the new token associated with the Robot Cache platform.

“Earn a Robot Cache WAX Sticker¬†just for participating in the first official Robot Cache X WAX event, and if you answer the questions correctly you earn yourself a¬†special edition Gold version,” reads the announcement.


As we previously reported, RobotCache is now home to over 700 games from 23 different publishers, including Paradox Interactive, THQ Nordic, Devolver Digital and inXile Entertainment.

Robot Cache’s blockchain integration brings additional features, including the ability of users to mine IRON, the platform’s not-a-cryptocurrency token, with unused GPU power. These tokens are “meant to stay in the Robot Cache ecosystem,” and are redeemable for games and other in-platform content, but cannot be traded or sold.

The blockchain fuels an in-platform marketplace that allows users to resell their digital content, granting a 25% refund in IRON to the seller and a secondary source of revenue for the game’s creator (70% of the resale value).

This announcement follows WAX’s December partnership with¬†NantG¬†to release customized skins for the relaunched version of¬†H1Z1,¬†a battle royale game that pre-dated both¬†Fortnite¬†and¬†PUBG¬†and is now known as¬†Z1 Battle Royale¬†(Z1BR).

WAX/USD via DataLight

WAX is currently down slightly on the day to $0.0679, giving the altcoin a $64.7 million market cap.

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