WAX (WAX) Launches Its Blockchain Gaming-Focused Cloud Wallet

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World Asset eXchange (WAX) is serious about bringing decentralized applications to the masses.

On Wednesday, WAX unveiled the WAX Cloud Wallet, a new wallet designed to simplify user interactions with dapps with a specific focus on blockchain gaming.

The Cloud Wallet includes a number of features that lower the barriers to adoption, including two-click account creation, the option to have managed private keys, simplified developer integration and access to the various services offered through the WAX platform.

“The WAX Cloud Wallet is part of our continuing effort to make blockchain easy for everyone,” explained WAX co-founder William Quigley.¬† “We’ve made it as easy to use as logging into your Amazon account. You can create a blockchain account in two clicks. You don’t have to download MetaMask, or some other crypto wallet to use a WAX dApp. Most crypto wallets are still WAY too difficult for a mainstream audience. No private keys to manage. No weird wallets and the WAX Cloud Wallet works on mobile just as easily as it does on your desktop.”

WAX Cloud Wallet login options in addition to email (WAX)

The wallet’s features make it especially useful for blockchain gamers and developers, as it serves as a one-stop-shop for NFTs, item sales and storage of rewards from in-game achievements.

The focus on simplified user onboarding has been a major selling point for developers looking to transition from competing platforms. As we recently reported, KARMA, a decentralized social network designed to promote the sharing of positive and original content, announced last week that it is planning to move from EOS (EOS) to WAX.

Notably, the WAX blockchain does not require users to sign cryptographic transactions, unlike Ethereum and EOS and requires no initial crypto in order to interact with dapps. All WAX transactions are free and occur instantaneously, which the WAX team believes is critical for large-scale user adoption.

Prospectors Launch

Prospectors, a former EOS-based MMO focused on real-time economic strategy, launched on the WAX blockchain on Wednesday, serving as an initial use case for the new wallet.

“The WAX Cloud Wallet is a big deal for dapp developers like Prospectors because we believe we can attract the billions of non-blockchain savvy users who might want to try out your dApp but just don’t want to deal with the blockchain technical details,” said Prospectors CEO Nazar Chervinskiy.¬†“Novice users can sign transactions and manage access to their personal information as easily as using any standard oAuth platform, while still affording advanced users the ability to stake resources and manage their private keys.”

WAX is also staging a 30-day initiative to poach other EOS developers by offering $25K if they duplicate or move their dapp onto the WAX blockchain.

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