Watch: Axie Infinity’s ‘Infinity Cup’ Live Stream

via Axie Infinity

Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity’s first official tournament, the Infinity Cup, started this morning at 9:00 am (EST). You can watch the live stream of all the action on Twitch or right here:

All matches before the semi-finals are best of 3. The Finals and Semi-Finals are best of 5. Here’s the finalized bracket for the tournament:

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Tournament Prize Pool:

  • 1st: 700 DAI and 3000 LUNA
  • 2nd: 400 DAI and 2000 LUNA
  • 3rd: 200 DAI and 1000 LUNA
  • Top-16: 50 DAI and 250 LUNA

You can sign up and download the Axie Infinity multi-platform community alpha here.

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