Blockchain MMO War Riders Releases Gameplay Teaser

via ‘War Riders’ / YouTube

War Riders, a post-apocalyptic vehicle MMO fueled by an in-game cryptocurrency called Benzene (BZN), has released its first pre-alpha gameplay footage.

The car combat and demolition game, that draws visual inspiration from the Mad Max, allows players to build their own war vehicles from scratch with customized logos and messaging. These vehicles, which can be anything from a custom Lambo to a devastating car-tank, are fueled by Benzene.

Players can mine for Benzene by driving through waypoints and raiding other players to take their coins. These coins can then be converted directly to real-world currencies, as 1 BZN equals $0.50, and 75% of all BZN will come from in-game mining.

According to the War Riders’ website, “Users will buy their must-have items from our Ethereum store, while additional items are sold for BZN only. Players will be able to freely trade all in-game items with other players using our native marketplace.”

More than 3,700 cars have already been sold as non-fungible, ERC-721 tokens, which functioned as a form of fundraising for the game’s developers. War Riders’ unique token sale will come to an end in roughly 9 days and the alpha is set to drop sometime in early 2019.

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