VR Cycling Startup Zwift Makes Esports Push With $120 Million Raise

via Zwift.com

Zwift, an online cycling virtual reality gaming platform, recently closed a $120 million fundraising round as it gears to launch its own esports cycling league and propel e-racing into the Olympics.

According to a recent report in Bicycling, the company claims to have at least 1 million people currently signed up for its service, which offers both cyclists and runners the ability to participate in a VR-driven exercise competition.

“We’re creating an entirely new category of sports,” Zwift CEO and co-founder Eric Min said. Zwift recently announced the creation of¬†the¬†KISS Super League, with four real-world men’s pro teams that are slated to launch on¬†January 23.

With the injection of capital, Zwift plans to expand into new disciplines, including rowing, and officially launch their series of esports tournaments, including a women’s league. Additionally, Zwift hopes to spearhead the effort to bring e-racing to the Olympic games.


“[E-racing] ticks all the boxes that the Olympics want. It’s real athletes, in a digital sport, to reach a new audience that skews younger. We are the bridge between traditional athletic sports and a new digital age,” added Min.

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