Virtuix Launches the VR ARENA for Virtual Reality eSports


Virtuix, a leader in active virtual reality and the developer of the popular Virtuix Omni, has partnered with Funovation, a creator of small-footprint attractions, to create the VR ARENA, a four-player esports attraction for VR arcades and tournament venues.

According to the announcement, the VR ARENA is 375 square feet and leverages the Omni 2.0 motion platform, which has been specifically designed for out-of-home esports. These arenas feature 4 Omni systems powered by the Omniverse content platform, which includes 18 different games across all popular genres, with 7 more in development.

“We’ve been organizing esports tournaments since 2016, and we’ve learned that competitive gaming boosts revenues,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, in a statement. “Ongoing prize contests result in repeat play by guests and build a community of frequent and loyal players. Our VR Arena attraction is exciting to both elite gamers and casual players. It’s incredibly fun to run around inside your favorite game, and everyone has a chance to win.”

With the launch of the VR ARENA, Virtuix has created a $50,000 yearly prize pool that will pay out on an ongoing weekly and monthly for tournament contests.

Virtuix has sold more than 3,000 Omni systems to date, with over 500 installed in commercial venues on five continents.

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