Verizon Is Alpha Testing Its Own Video Game Streaming Service

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Mobile service and internet provider Verizon (VZ) has reportedly been developing its own video game streaming service, Verizon Gaming, which is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box.

According to a breaking report by The Verge, Verizon has been recruiting participants for an alpha testing of the new platform, offering them a $150 Amazon gift card upon completion. Each participant also receives a free Nvidia Shield, Xbox One controller and a login for the test.

Screenshots of the Verizon Gaming platform reveal major titles including Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Battlefield V and Destiny 2. However, these are likely just placeholders as God of War is a PlayStation-exclusive title.

Verizon Gaming platform via The Verge

“This trial is primarily focused on performance,” the Verizon Gaming team recently wrote in an email to participants. “At a later date, when we advance the product, our library will consist of most or all of the top games you are familiar with ‚ÄĒ but at this early stage we‚Äôre working on the engine and its parts.”

This news comes the same week as similar reports revealed that retail giant¬†Amazon¬†(AMZN) is planning to launch its own game streaming service. Amazon and Verizon’s new platforms would be in direct competition with¬†Microsoft‚Äôs xCloud¬†and Google‚Äôs Project Stream, both of which are currently in development.

As we previously reported, Verizon is exceptionally bullish on the potential of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, to have an impact on the world of gaming and esports.

Verizon recently launched the world’s¬†first commercial 5G network¬†in four markets: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Houston and Indianapolis. These networks could ultimately pave the way for the Verizon Gaming platform, solving many of the latency issues that plague other streaming apps, including¬†Sony’s PlayStation Now.

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Photo: Jon Fingas / Flickr

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