Velo3D Launches the Sapphire System to 3D Print Complex Metal Objects


After raising $90 million and launching in June 2015, material science and 3D printing startup Velo3D has announced the availability of their first product.

The Sapphire system is designed to 3D print complex metal objects through means of sintering a bed of powder with lasers in a process that is similar to standard resin-based 3D printing platforms.

The technology utilized is called Intelligent Fusion and creates geometrically complicated objects that do not require the specific support structure most systems utilize. Instead, the material essentially comes out of the powder as a fully-formed apparatus.

Velo3D has begun working alongside Desktop Metal and HP for prototyping models, with chief product office Stefan Zschiegner stating that Desktop Metal will likely launch a production system next year.

While their metal objects cannot yet be printed for mass production, Velo3D aims to bring in aerospace and space travel companies as their initial manufacturing clients. There is also no official pricing made available, but Velo3D states their technology will be listed at competitive rates alongside other industrial metal printing systems.

Florida-based 3D printing company 3DMT has been among the first to utilize the Sapphire system, which Velo3D currently claim houses are 90 percent pass success rate.

This announcement comes soon after former AutoDesk president and chief executive officer Carl Bass joined the company’s board as chairman.

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