EOS-Based Unlimited Tower Will Enter Alpha Testing This Month

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Unlimited Tower, a new EOS-based battle TRPG, announced Friday that it is planning to begin alpha testing this month.

According to the announcement, gamers interested in trying the new dapp can fill out the alpha sign-up form. After which, the Unlimited Tower team will reach out directly with an invite to make an account and begin testing.

The game itself is described as an SRPG (Tactical Role-Playing Game) that allows players to form and upgrade a party consisting of unique monsters and servants. Players can advance through the game by boosting their party with enhanced items and characters, ultimately paving the way for them to become the “final hero,” which earns them the accumulated EOS reward.

There are currently 200 Servants, Monsters, and Items that will be available at launch, in addition to a number of exclusive items for early-backers of the game. These look to be distributed through a “gacha” mechanism — basically a virtual randomized vending machine — that also pays out between 500 and 3,000 UTG tokens.


Based on the game’s current roadmap, it looks like Unlimited Tower will be in a state of testing through most of 2019 with a planned EOS mainnet launch currently scheduled for Q4.

Announcement: Initial Alpha Test of Unlimited Tower Beginning Soon!
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