Blockchain-Based PC Game Marketplace Ultra Adds Bitfinex, Others as Block Producers

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Ultra, a new blockchain project developing a PC game publishing platform and marketplace, has announced a partnership with Bitfinex, EOS Rio and EOS New York to bring the groups on as block producers for Ultra’s upcoming mainnet.

According to a press release shared with us, Ultra decided to build on EOSIO to leverage the chain’s technical and governance advantages to develop a blockchain gaming ecosystem that allows for a unique, fair and transparent gaming experience.

As Ultra approaches the launch of its mainnet, which is planned for this quarter, the company is actively on-boarding technical leaders from the EOS (EOS) community to support the blockchain.

“When considering how best to launch and support Ultra Mainnet, we sought out a mix of trusted technical partners from within the EOSIO community and established corporate partners from the technology and video-games industries to work with us as block producers,” said Ultra CTO Michal Dunn. “Our initial technical block producers have worked with us on our chain design, development, and performance. We value their trust, expertise and ongoing support.”

Bitfinex was chosen as a partner as its one of the top-21 EOS block producers and will provide technical knowledge while bringing a high-level reputation to the platform.

“This partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing long-term support for Ultra,” added Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino. “We are proud to share our technical expertise to help secure and optimize this EOSIO chain. The mix of Corporate and Technical BPs is convincing, Ultra is not only building a competitive games distribution platform, but also a very unique kind of blockchain with a lot of potential for mainstream adoption.”

Ultra chose EOS Rio and EOS New York for additional technical and governance-related expertise.

“We have been working closely with Ultra on adapting EOSIO for its need and designing network operational standards for almost one year, and are very excited by their vision,” said Thiago Canellas Head of Strategy at EOS Rio. “We are proud to be part of this endeavor to create a fair ecosystem for game distribution. The team was able to draw from our experience on EOS Main Net and other chains to create an innovative, scalable and robust implementation of EOSIO.”

Ultra is being built as an alternative to centralized platforms like Steam with a developer-first mentality. Ultra is offering twice as much revenue as top competitors, easy game porting from popular platforms like Xbox and PlayStation via a universal SDK, and simplified game development through financial incentives for beta tests and bug hunting.

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