Ubisoft Releases Ethereum NFTs Based on the Raving Rabbids Game Franchise

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Ubisoft, the French gaming company behind popular series like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, has made a major push into blockchain collectibles with the launch of a new charitable non-fungible token (NFT) initiative.

While the contract data reveals the idea has been in the works since April, Ubisoft officially revealed its new ERC-721 NFTs, Rabbids Tokens this week. The tokens feature Rabbids, rabbit-like creatures from the Raving Rabbids game franchise. Interestingly, these tokens are only temporarily owned by the purchaser, until someone else buys the token on the Ubisoft website — they are always for sale.

All proceeds from these sales are donated by the contract to the UNICEF cryptocurrency fund and the former owner of the token is left with a “POPO” (Proof of Plausible Ownership) authenticity NFT in their wallet.

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The POPO NFT a user receives is determined by the type of Rabbids Token it came from, with five types of background designs available and 11 possible characters that can appear on each.

Additionally, grabbing a Rabbids Token during the full moon generates a special zombie version POPO NFT. While this is allegedly supposed to be a surprise, multiple zombie NFTs are visible on OpenSea from what looks like internal testing last full moon.

via OpenSea

Ubisoft has been making in-roads into blockchain gaming through its participation in the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and its support of blockchain gaming startups within its Strategic Innovation Lab. However, the release of Rabbids Tokens marks the first instance that the company taking the leap itself to introduce the power of the blockchain to its fans.

You can pick up your own Rabbids Token here for between 0.5 ETH and 0.15 ETH, “depending on the stage of evolution of the Rabbids Token you are grabbing.”

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