Twitch Users Suffer Less From Tech Addiction, Says CEO


Emmett Shear, the CEO of Amazon-owned (AMZN) streaming giant Twitch, believes there are fundamental differences between active users on his platform and active users on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Shear believes that the difference between checking Facebook (FB) constantly and watching Twitch is like the difference between doing drugs and sleeping.

“The way that a lot of mobile apps work is this dopamine rush,” Shear recently told Recode. “Push notify, get a nugget of new information, open News Feed. Twitch is just not that. And so, I think we suffer less from a lot of the addiction, ‘Gotta press the button 19 times a day,’ kind of interactions.”

Shear believes that Twitch is a platform where individual streamers can create entire careers via long-form videos that allow users to drop in and out of similar to watching cable. However, Shear doesn’t see streaming as a part-time¬†activity, but instead something that requires a dedicated focus.

“If you’re streaming Twitch an hour a day and expecting to make a living at it, I hope you‚Äôre really, really good. Because most jobs, you can‚Äôt make a living on it in five hours a week of work,” Shear said. “… And so we’re okay with people streaming a lot. What’s not good is streaming, like, 16 hours a day.”

There are currently 70,000 daily active channels on Twitch that are streaming to more than 2 million daily active users. The total monthly average number of broadcasters currently stands at 3.3 million, which is up 65% from 2017.

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