Twitch Announces $75K League of Legends Rivals Showdown


Amazon’s (AMZN) popular streaming platform Twitch has dropped info on the first Rivals Showdown¬†of 2019, which will feature League of Legends (LoL).

“The Twitch Rivals: League Of Legends Showdown is an online competition for $75,000 featuring 16 teams comprised of streamers, well-known former pro-players, & current Academy players,” reads the announcement. Twitch Rivals is currently only open to North American competitors who are not in the League of Legends Championship Series.

All competitors are required to stream their point of view (POV) throughout each match via their regular Twitch channels. Ultimately, this offers streamers a unique method to acquire followers and allows viewers to choose which players they’d like to track.

While Twitch notes that the full details will be revealed in 2019,¬†it does not that the tournament will be played entirely in blind pick format and all matches will be ‘best of three’.

The tournament kicks off on January 15 and runs through January 23.

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