Blockchain Turn-Based Strategy Game Forest Knight Releases Gameplay Teaser

via Chrono Games

Forest Knight, an upcoming blockchain-based, turn-based strategy (TBS) game for mobile devices, has released its first gameplay teaser.

The teaser provides the first full peek into the fantasy world of Chronville, where players must develop and defend their towns, build their team of champions and complete quests to advance in the game.

Forest Knight is notably being built on Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, which recently minted the first mint ERC-1155 tokens to power in-game items, collectibles and currencies without needing to write a single line of code. ERC-1155 tokens enable these assets to be stored on a single contract with the minimum possible amount of data needed to distinguish that item from others within the contract.

Each player starts the game with a truly unique ‘hero’ character, which can be upgraded with abilities, gear and teammates. These heroes have strengths and weaknesses, which must be balanced when traversing Chronville and entering battles with enemies. There will also be daily blockchain rewards, backed by ENJ coins, to boost the hero development experience.

At launch, which is planned for both iOS and Android devices, Forest Knight will only feature singleplayer gameplay, but there are plans to expand the platform to include PvP. A marketplace where players can buy, sell and exchange heroes and in-game assets will facilitate the game’s internal economy.

Forest Knight is being created by a single developer, Behfar Iranmanesh, who created his own game studio, Chrono Games.

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