Binance-Owned Trust Wallet Continues Its Privacy Coin Push With ZCoin (XZC) Support


Trust Wallet, a Binance-owned mobile wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 20,000 different Ethereum-based tokens across the ERC-20, ERC-223 and ERC-721 standards, is continuing its efforts to provide support for leading privacy coins with the addition of ZCoin (XZC).

According to a press release provided to SludgeFeed, Trust Wallet has actively been focusing on privacy coins to allow the cryptocurrency community to benefit from their unique privacy features.

“Privacy is one of our core values, as it is an inherent human right and should be maintained to preserve personal rights and dignity. For us, it is very important to support as many privacy feature coins as possible, so our users can have the power to make there own choices,” said Trust Wallet founder Viktor Radchenko. “Our initial release of Zcoin will allow sending and receiving functionality with plans to support the Zerocoin protocol in the near future and therefore providing the highest level of privacy for our users.”

The addition of ZCoin comes just days after Trust Wallet added support for Zcash (ZEC). Binance also chose ZCoin as one of the first two coins to get an XRP base pair last December.

AltDex Privacy Coin Index

While the price of ZCoin is only up 1.5% on the news to $5.48, privacy coins, in general, have been on a roll over the past month. The AltDex Privacy Coin Index (ALTPRV), which tracks cryptocurrencies and tokens focused on privacy or security, is now up around 6.5% over the last month.


Announcement: Trust Wallet Adds Zcoin

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