Trust Wallet Adds 5 New Altcoins Including Stellar (XLM) and Kin (KIN)

Trust Wallet, a Binance-owned mobile wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 20,000 different Ethereum-based tokens across the ERC-20, ERC-223 and ERC-721 standards, has added support for five new altcoins, including Stellar (XLM), Kin (KIN), Thunder Token, NIMIQ (NIM) and AION (AION).

According to the announcement, the rapid addition of altcoins is a result of Trust Wallet’s new Wallet Core library, which helped to skip most of the repetitive steps involved when adding a new token.

Notably, Nimiq is the first altcoin to be added to the platform based fully on the request of the Trust Wallet community.

“Nimiq is delighted by the excellent work from our great Community and how they were able to integrate so quickly,” said the community manager for Nimiq in the announcement. “Trust Wallet’s team of world-class developers, which were of great help throughout the whole process, added significant value to the whole ecosystems by releasing Trust Wallet Core as open source.”

Both Nimiq and Thunder Token have also set up faucets, allowing Trust Wallet users to claim free Tokens directly in the app.

This comes around a month after Trust Wallet added two major privacy coins, Zcash (ZEC) and ZCoin (XZC).

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