TRON (TRX) CEO Blasted on Twitter Over DeFi Advertisements

via Justin Sun / Twitter

Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON Foundation, is once again getting raked over the coals on social media after he posted a series of photos of himself standing in front of several New York City Blockchain Week advertisements for TRON (TRX), many of which include his soft smile.

The fact that TRON is seemingly piggybacking on the “DeFi” (decentralized finance) trend, while also prominently featuring a single person (himself), has ultimately led to a fair amount of social media backlash, especially from the Ethereum (ETH) community.

Interestingly, TRON’s newfound focus on DeFi follows the departure of CTO Lucien Chen over what Chen describes as fundamental concerns with the project’s direction and an “irreconcilable contradiction” between Chen and Sun. In the¬†blog post explaining his departure, Chen tore into TRON’s delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, claiming it has made TRON overly-centralized.

The TRON Foundation has since responded to Chen’s version of events, denying Chen’s assertion that he was a project co-founder and claiming the “technical leader” was removed for suspected fraud in January.

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