Treyarch Introduces Respawning for Call of Duty Blackout Mode

Call of Duty Blackout mode
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Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has become a¬†whole lot more n00b-friendly with the recent release of “Down But Not Out,” which introduces respawning into the battle royale game type.

“Drop into this new limited-time mode where players redeploy with each new Collapse… as long as one teammate survives. Get ready for some insane final circles,” states the brief announcement on Twitter and Reddit.

Down But Not Out was only available on the PlayStation 4 at first, but has since arrived on other platforms, including Xbox One and PC. The game type will only be live between January 16 and 30.

This news comes as Treyarch recently released a new update that brings numerous improvements to the Blackout, Zombies and multiplayer game types. Additionally, the long-awaited League Play is set to drop at any moment.

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