Titan Flight Studios Joins the Enjin Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

via Titan Flight Studios

Titan Flight Studios, a new video game development company, has become the latest group to join the Enjin (ENJ) blockchain gaming ecosystem.

According to the announcement, Titan Flight will make all blockchain-powered items in their games into ERC-1155 tokens backed by Enjin Coin moving forward. Titan Flight is also planning to release its own fungible ERC-1155 token, Titan Token, which will be usable across all games released by the studio.

“The cryptocurrency will be based off the ERC-1155 token standard which will make it easily integrated into our games and apps. On top of this, we will use Enjin’s ERC-20 adapter to make the token fully compatible with all ERC-20 wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges,” reads the announcement.

Titan Flight’s first title,¬†ReBounce, an arcade-style mobile game where players bounce a ball off a wall for as long as possible, is now available for iOS and will launch on the Google Play Store in December.

This news comes just weeks after Enjin launched Beam, a new QR code-based cryptocurrency airdrop system that allows for the rapid distribution of digital assets. Beam QR codes can be used for anything from token sales and certificates of authenticity to giveaways and blockchain-based loot boxes.

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