Tippin.me Teases Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network Tip Button for Twitter

via Tippin.me

Tippin, an independent project developing a simple web custodial wallet to receive and manage Bitcoin (BTC) through the Lightning Network, announced this week that it will soon roll-out a Chrome extension for sending and receiving BTC tips directly on Twitter.

The announcement came shortly after Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter,  participated in the ongoing Lightning Network Trust Chain, a community-driven initiative started by hodlonaut to build awareness around the Lightning Network and help expand its capacity.

In fact, once Dorsey began engaging with Crypto Twitter, the idea being developed by Tippin was brought to his attention. Of course, Dorsey loved the idea.

Tippin.me is currently in beta with several features including an HTML tip button available. In terms of the Chrome extension’s release date, the developer, Sergio Abril, told us he hopes to get an early beta version out before the end of the month to get community feedback, “The sooner the better; as soon as [it’s] relatively stable.”

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