Enjin Open-World RPG ‘The Six Dragons’ Has Started Its Alpha Testing

Pre-alpha gameplay screenshot (The Six Dragons)

The Six Dragons, an upcoming open-world RPG being built on Enjin (ENJ) by BlockPegnio, officially began its early alpha testing last week.

The alpha version of the game is being released in waves, according to an August blog post, with presale contributors and other early supporters given priority.

  • Wave 1:¬†Available internally and to our Security testers
  • Wave 2: Top-12 presale Contributors + Selected Community Members
  • Wave 3: Top 13‚Äď70 presale Contributors + Special Founder Token (SFT) holders + Media Partners
  • Wave 4:¬†Rest of the presale contributors
  • Wave 5: Multiverse Founders’ Token holders (MFT)

The upcoming game features a huge open world where players can freely explore, battle, farm, harvest and craft more than 300 unique blockchain items.

“Most of the items in-game are decentralized, meaning that you truly own your inventory, and you can freely buy, sell or trade them with other players from different game universes,” states the BlockPegnio team.

As with other blockchain games, item crafting will drive the game’s internal economy. The Six Dragons also has its own utility token (TSDT) that is pegged 1:1 to Enjin Coin to facilitate fee-free transactions for various in-game mechanics like crafting.

Intriguingly, players can also forge their own path by creating their own classes with unique combinations of abilities from the starter classes: Wizards, Warriors and Clerics. There are currently 33 unique abilities available with more planned.

While the game is initially single-player, gamers can build a group of five companions to join them on their quests. Additionally, BlockPegnio plans to release 1v1 and 2v2 PvP free-for-all battles, an esports mode with standardized equipment and 2‚Äď4 player co-op in the future.

Gamers interested in joining the alpha can pickup a Multiverse Founder’s Token or Special Founder Token on OpenSea. You can also add The Six Dragons to your Steam Wishlist here.

Dec. 27 Update: Updated to reflect the fact the alpha officially started last week.

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