The 5 Most Essential Cryptocurrency Newsletters


Smart crypto-investors stay informed, but with an overabundance of information constantly circulating, it can be hard to filter out the important stuff. That’s why newsletters are rapidly becoming a key tool for investors, providing them with concise, digestible breakdowns of the highest priority news.

While quality is hard to come by with cryptocurrency newsletters, there are a few notable names that you should definitely be adding to your inbox.

Here are 5 essential cryptocurrency newsletters:

Hashed – Daily

We would be remiss if we didn’t place our recently launched newsletter, Hashed, at the top of this list.¬†If you sign up for Hashed, you will receive breaking news, in-depth premium content, and in the near future, exclusive token airdrops directly to your inbox. We publish Mon-Fri and highlight two new altcoin projects with each issue.

If you join our Telegram, you will also have the opportunity to request article coverage on your favorite projects and we will feature them in an issue of Hashed.

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Chain Letter – Weekly

Published by brainiacs at the MIT Technology Review, this weekly newsletter offers a high-level look at the crypto landscape and goes great with a morning coffee.

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Coindesk – Daily

Created by the well-known publishing group CoinDesk, this newsletter offers a wide variety of reading options. They put out a daily and weekly issues, largely focused on news, in addition to highlights on events. This makes the newsletter a great place to get a quick rundown of what you’ve missed.

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The Daily Bit – Daily

The Daily Bit discuss “global regulatory news, price action commentary, market insights, and more.” Packed full of information, this newsletter offers some interesting insights from time to time.

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Inside Bitcoin – Daily

Inside Bitcoin has been fairly popular over the last year, and a fairly simple news-focused reading experience. However, they definitely like their advertisements.

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