Tesla’s Stock Goes up in Smoke After Elon Musk Tries Marijuana

YouTube / ‘Joe Rogan Experience’

Shares of Tesla (TSLA) were down more than 6% on Friday as investors reacted to a recent Joe Rogan podcast where Tesla CEO Elon Musk tried marijuana on video.

In the interview, Musk and Rogan cover everything from the future of AI to the CEO’s busy daily schedule. However, the most notable segment came roughly two hours into the podcast, where Musk tried Rogan’s ‘spliff‘ that contained both tobacco and marijuana.

YouTube / ‘Joe Rogan Experience’

In reaction to the recreational drug use, major financial news outlets blasted Musk for continuing the reckless behavior that has caused significant criticism as late. Musk recently came under fire for a tweet indicating that Tesla would be going private and that funding was secured to do so. However, those plans changed only 17 days after the initial announcement, which has been reviewed by regulators as a potential violation of securities law.

Making matters more complex, two major Tesla executives have left the company this week. Tesla’s chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, resigned on Tuesday, citing intense public attention as the major reason. Additionally, Bloomberg reported today that the company’s HR chief, Gaby Toledano, is also departing the company.

TSLA via Google Finance

Tesla shares are now down more than 30% since recent highs. Many now cite the hypocrisy of blasting Musk’s drug use, while at the same time, the first marijuana exchange-traded fund recently surpassed $1 billion in total assets.

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