Game Publisher Telltale’s Mass Layoff Results in a Class-Action Lawsuit

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A former Telltale Games employee is suing the video game publishing company in a class-action lawsuit following the studio’s sudden closure.

The allegations highlight the company’s violation of labor laws following the elimination of hundreds of employees on Friday. Plans to close the studio were known to the employees, but a later closing date was provided.

The complaint, which was filed Monday by Vernie Roberts on the behalf of himself and his former employees, denotes that the team was let go “without cause” or the aid of “advance written notice as required by the WARN Act.”

The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which came into law in 1988, denotes that most businesses with 100 or more workers must notify employees at least 60 days in advance of any closings. A “mass layoff” is classified as a reduction of fifty or more employees within a 30-day window, which Telltale’s recent action falls under.

California’s state-level version of the WARN Act, which was instated in 2003, has even more stringent requirements, as it maintains businesses with 76 full or part-time workers, applied to any reduction of at least 50 employees, receive 60 days of notice.

Roberts’ complaints include the layoffs that occurred on September 21, where about 250 individuals lost their jobs. Telltale terminated these employees within providing severance, according to the complaints. The individuals reportedly only received health benefits until the end of the month.

The plaintiffs are requesting a jury trial. An amount equal to wages and benefits that the workers would have received with proper disbanding, plus interest, is being sought.

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