Teams in the New Call of Duty League Rumored to Cost $25 Million

Call of Duty Blackout mode
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In February, Activision (ATVI) revealed that it has made progress towards the launch of the city-based Call of Duty league, with an expected start date sometime in 2020.

According to a recent report by ESPN that cites insiders familiar with the matter, the franchise price for a team within the league is currently set at $25 million. This is roughly the same price that Activision charges for teams in the Overwatch League, which also has a city-based franchise structure.

The report indicates that Activision’s esports executive staff has held meetings with potential team owners over the course of the past week. This list includes existing CoD pro teams and ownership groups involved with the Overwatch League.

It is not quite clear where the teams in the new league will play, but the current league, called the Call of Duty World Pro League, mostly takes place in Columbus, Ohio, home of the MLG Arena. 16 teams currently compete in the league, including teams from North America and Europe.

Activision has not publicly addressed the latest report and did not respond to ESPN’s requests for comment.

Sources: Call of Duty franchise spots to sell at $25 million per team
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