TD Ameritrade Places the First Advertisement on the Bitcoin Blockchain


TD Ameritrade, an Omaha-based brokerage firm, has made its mark on the bitcoin blockchain by sending a series of transactions to create an advertisement — a concept similar to ASCII artwork. The design is the first advertisement to be placed in the bitcoin blockchain, and bucks the current trend of traditional brokerage firms staying away from the cryptocurrency markets.

In the announcement accompanying the ad, TD Ameritrade revealed that they created the virtual flag by sending 68 linked bitcoin transactions and using the OP_Return feature in bitcoin’s protocol to insert the characters. This feature essentially functions like the memo space on a check where simple messages and characters can be placed within transactions on the blockchain.

“The blockchain is an amazing piece of technology. And we’re proud to be part of it. Forever. Through a series of transactions we became the first brand to place an ad in the blockchain. Why? Well, we love finding new ways to use emerging technology. So we decided to have a little fun and plant our flag. Okay — technically, we embedded it.”

TD Ameritrade currently offers its clients the ability to trade bitcoin futures through the Cboe Futures Exchange.

TD Ameritrade
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