SuperRare Tops the Weekly NFT Charts for Total USD Traded for the First Time


Blockchain-based art appears to be finding its stride as SuperRare, a non-fungible token marketplace for digital art, has set multiple platform records this month.

According to data from, SuperRare recently topped the weekly list (December 16) of NFT projects by total traded USD value for the first time.

This is no small feat as SuperRare has outdone major blockchain games and NFT projects including Gods Unchained, My Crypto Heroes, Decentraland, CryptoKitties and Ethereum Name Serves (ENS).

Based on the data, it also looks like SuperRare surpassed its own weekly sales record. The $85K in weekly NFT trades edges out the $65K record set earlier this month.

The growth in SuperRare’s weekly sales totals stems from a number of major artwork sales, including a recent $10,000 sale that marked another record for the SuperRare platform.

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