Stryking’s Christmas Bayern Munich NFT Auction Brings in Over 240 Ethereum (ETH)


Stryking, a blockchain startup focused on officially licensed digital sports collectibles, recently completed its Christmas Auction that featured holiday-themed FC Bayern Munich NFTs.

The sale included Christmas Edition cards for 24 of Bayern’s team members for the 2019-20 season and brought in over 240 Ethereum (ETH) in winning bids. The 48 cards were sold as bundles in English and Dutch style auctions.

Notably, the complete Christmas Edition bundle with all 24 cards sold for an impressive 133 ETH (~$17K).

According to the Stryking team, “There are five rarity tiers for FC Bayern Munich player cards: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher the tier, the rarer the card — with the scarcity and authenticity of each of these digital collectibles guaranteed thanks to blockchain technology.” The Christmas Edition 2019 cards are considered Legendary based on their rarity.

Three of the recently auctioned Christmas Edition cards (Stryking)

Earlier this month, Stryking auctioned off 18 Legendary season 2019-20 player cards, including a Robert Lewandowski card that fetched 3.8 ETH at auction. The card was resold yesterday for 10 ETH.

The second round of sales is currently ongoing with a third auction, featuring New Years-themed cards, scheduled for January 6.

Note: the auction sales were made in Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), an ERC-20 version of Ethereum (ETH). To avoid confusion, this article has sale prices in ETH.

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