StockTwits’ Zero-Fee Social Stock Trading App Is Now Downloadable

via Trade App

StockTwits, a social network that connects equity, crypto and commodity investors, announced last week that its new social trading app with zero commissions, Trade App, is available in the app store, although downloading the app only gets users in line for early access.

According to the announcement, Trade App will feature 1,000 US equities that can be purchased for as little as $5, with the option for partial share ownership. StockTwits has also introduced a new social feature called “Tradecasting,” which allows users to broadcast their trades to the world or friends with the ability to annotate charts and add videos.

“Tradecasting” or sharing your investments is a key feature of the new app. (Trade App)

“When it comes to trading and investing, we never stop learning, whether it be our first trade or our 1000th trade,” states the StockTwits team in the announcement. “Through our wins or our losses, we take each lesson and grow. We believe you deserve a trading platform that allows you to learn from both, with the support of a community that has been cultivated over the past ten years. So we built one.”

It is not currently clear at this time whether Trade App will expand to include cryptocurrencies or options trading, but, given Robinhood’s current trajectory, this is fairly likely.

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