This Steem Blockchain Game Is One of the Most Popular Dapps Right Now

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A lot of questions have surrounded the Steem (STEEM) blockchain after Steemit, Inc., the company behind the open-source blogging dapp, laid off 70% of its staff amid the ongoing crypto bear market.

Despite the gloomy outlook, one dapp on the Steem blockchain is rapidly gained momentum: Steem Monsters, a crypto collectibles game that describes itself as what you get when you cross Pokémon cards with World of Warcraft characters.

Steem Monsters allows players to collect, trade and battle NFT characters by leveraging the Steem blockchain. The game has recently hit its stride and now has more than 2,000 daily active users with 110K transactions valued at $4.7K.

While this might not seem like a lot, the current state of dapps is such that the current user numbers place Steem Monsters in the top rank category for not only games but all decentralized applications.

State of the Dapps

Steem Monsters received a boost of attention when¬†Binance¬†CEO¬†Changpeng “CZ” Zhao retweeted a post by the game’s development team that revealed it now accepts Binance Coin (BNB) as payment for card packs.

Accompanying his retweet, CZ shared his belief that it’s just a matter of time before the gaming industry is¬†tokenized.

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