Status Releases Updated Alpha Version Enabling Mainnet Access for Testing

Status (SNT), a mobile operating system for Ethereum, announced the launch of an update to its alpha version today that now enables mainnet access as a test option.

In the announcement, Status unveils a number of updates that are now available to alpha testers.

“Release 0.9.19 also comes with some amazing updates. We are introducing a great many updates to make our chat performance more stable and reliable, improvements to our the DApp browsing experience and increased overall wallet functionality around the way user accounts are generated.”

With the release, the Status Wallet is now compatible with other mnemonic and hierarchical deterministic wallets, the fiat value of wallet assets is now an option, and mainnet is available as a network option.

In addition to the updates to the wallet, both the chat functionality and DApp browser have received updates. The chat transaction flow is now consistent with the wallet with improved reliability both on and offline. The DApp browser has received an updated DApp list and added categories, including the notable addition of the AirSwap DApp.

Users interested in participating in the Status alpha for either iOS and Android can do so here:

  • iOS: Sign up for access via TestFlight here
  • Android: Simply download Status from the PlayStore

More On Status

Status (SNT) is developing a mobile operating system for Ethereum that includes an open source messaging platform and mobile browser, enabling users to interact with DApps that run on the Ethereum Network. Status combines a secure messenger, web 3.0 browser and an Ethereum token wallet that will be available for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the Status team is building out a Hardwallet which allows users to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions using near-field communication (NFC). Together, Status intends to build the first real mobile gateway to the decentralized web. (more)

More: Status Alpha 0.9.19 Release Notes
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