Status Partners With FOAM to Add Geospatial Functionality


Status (SNT), a mobile operating system for Ethereum, announced this week that it has formed a technology partnership with FOAM, an open protocol for proof of location on Ethereum, to integrate geospatial functionality into its mobile Ethereum operating system.

According to the announcement, the companies will “ensure technological compatibility and explore the direct integration of FOAM protocols with the Status App.” With this partnership, Status will look to leverage FOAM’s geospatial functionality using smart contracts, which will ultimately allow for¬†opt-in features from the user‚Äôs perspective.

The team at Status is very keen to see services like decentralized accommodation and ride-sharing built entirely on Ethereum, accessible directly from your mobile phone, with no servers anywhere. However, this requires having access to user location data, which is a privacy concern‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääin addition to¬†all the issues¬†the FOAM team has identified with GPS and the systems and companies built around it.

This news comes a month after Status announced it has launched an update to its alpha version that now enables mainnet access as a test option. With the release, the Status Wallet is now compatible with other mnemonic and hierarchical deterministic wallets, the fiat value of wallet assets is now an option, and mainnet is available as a network option.

Status is currently ranked 47th in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

More on Status

Status (SNT) is developing a mobile operating system for Ethereum that includes an open source messaging platform and mobile browser, enabling users to interact with DApps that run on the Ethereum Network. Status combines a secure messenger, web 3.0 browser and an Ethereum token wallet that will be available for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the Status team is building out a Hardwallet which allows users to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions using near-field communication (NFC). Together, Status intends to build the first real mobile gateway to the decentralized web. (more)

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