TenX: Spend Crypto Anywhere With This Debit Card


Cryptocurrencies have the ability to change the way we interact with businesses and our peers, but these coins in their current state are a bit difficult to use in the real world. While merchants are becoming more open to the idea of accepting crypto as a form of payment, few projects can be integrated into payment gateways, and even fewer allow for convenient brick and mortar usage.

That’s why any project that makes daily use easier will be considered a giant step in the right direction. Enter¬†TenX, a project that¬†connects your blockchain assets to real-world payment platforms. With their app, crypto debit card and forthcoming banking license, TenX aims to be a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world.

Interested in TenX? Here’s a quick rundown of the project:

Platform & Development

Towards TenX’s goal of making a platform that seamlessly integrates multiple currencies for real world use, they have leveraged the¬†COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction) protocol that connects every blockchain, which was originally developed at MIT. It is an off-chain transaction protocol that allows the blockchain ecosystem to scale efficiently and continuously with improved accessibility by the masses.

According to the protocol’s white paper, Tenx’s COMIT leverages Payment Channels and Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTLC) across chains to solve the problem of double spending attacks without requiring a settlement onto the underlying blockchains. COMIT‚Äôs uses ‘Liquidity Providers,’ “who operate on multiple blockchains to act as payment hubs and nodes on a single chain and market makers in a decentralized network for cross-chain asset conversions.” These Liquidity Providers are compensated through¬†pay-per-transaction and percentage models, offering a recurring revenue stream for these institutions.

Additionally, TenX is in the process of securing the proper banking licenses in order to expand their services into more markets. Currently, TenX is not available in the United States, and the timeline has been pushed multiple time so it is difficult to project an exact deadline.

Those interested in leveraging the TenX system will access the following features, as described by the TenX white paper:

  • Multi-asset (any blockchain asset compatible with and accepted by the TenX Wallet)
  • Assets stay in cryptocurrency via decentralized and trustless storage
  • Users earn a 0.1% reward for every purchase they make. This incentive will be
    transferred to the user in form of PAY tokens.
  • PAY token holders earn 0.5% reward on all TenX transactions.

The TenX mobile wallet is available for both Android and iOS. For countries where TenX is available, you can order the debit card that links to this wallet.



TenX is based out of Singapore and has largely focused on the rapidly growing Asian markets. While the team seems very capable to carry the project, it’s their advisory board that is most impressive. Notable names include Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum.

Token Financials

TenX (PAY) currently has a market cap of ~$120 million with a circulating supply of 104,661,310 PAY and a total supply of 205,218,256 PAY.


Final Take

TenX is one of a few major blockchain projects racing to become the premier platform for everyday cryptocurrency usage. By leveraging the innovative COMIT protocol and strong development/advisory team, we anticipate TenX will continue to be the project to beat in this space for some time.

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