SpacePirate Games Provides Fall Update for Enjin-Based ‘Age of Rust’

Character models in ‘Age of Rust’ (SpacePirate Games)

SpacePirate Games recently provided a Fall progress update on its upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure game, Age of Rust.

According to the blog post, the team is working on the following updates based on feedback from the game’s alpha:

  • There will be less combat and more puzzles, providing a better gameplay balance.
  • Players will be able to spend Rustbits, the in-game currency, when they come across kiosks within the game. Players can also sell items via the Enjin Marketplace directly from their Enjin wallet.
  • Age of Rust will be split up into 3 seasons. The first season will contain the first 3 missions from the game.
  • A number of small updates related to player mechanics and cross-talk with the Enjin platform.

“Work and development is continuing to build Age of Rust and while we wanted to release the beta in October, it still needs some work before it’s complete so we are looking at December now for the beta release,” added the SpacePirate Games team. “Players with any mission card token, or an Age of Rust MFT token, or more than 1000 Rustbits will be able to play the demo.”

In the game, players explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns and ruins across distant worlds, while solving puzzles to advance in the game. When a player solves a puzzle, the rewards come in the form of crypto and can be anything from Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to tokens from other blockchain-based games.

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