SocialFeed: A Crypto Twitter Aggregator by SludgeFeed


With new blockchain projects launching daily, and market-driving news seemingly dropping every few hours, it has become nearly impossible for the average investor to keep up-to-date with all of the essential information. While there are a number of helpful crypto news aggregators on the market — including CoinLive,¬†CryptoControl¬†and our own¬†CryptoWire¬†— savvy investors must also actively monitor Twitter to stay fully¬†informed. However, this task can become difficult given the sheer number of accounts to follow and the backward scoring algorithm that Twitter uses to organize tweets by relevance and timing.

With that in mind, we created SocialFeed, a Twitter aggregator that pulls from hundreds of influencers, journalists, creators, projects and exchanges to provide investors a single channel to monitor the latest in crypto. The custom feed allows for the rapid digestion of the latest blockchain news, opinions and analysis.

Here’s what users can expect from SocialFeed:

  • Influencers: From traders to project leads, learn from the people who know the technologies and markets best. These influencers, which are hand-selected, commonly share deep fundamental insights and technical analyses.
  • Journalists: Sourced from some of the top¬†crypto¬†news outlets, these journalists have exclusive access to top projects and commonly relay information before it becomes news.
  • Exchanges: Never miss a new listing, airdrop, security alert or critical update again with a live feed tapping into the top crypto exchanges.
  • Projects:¬†Offical news and updates from over 150 of the top cryptocurrency projects.
Screenshot of SocialWire

Whether you use it for day trading or simply as a source of information for your morning commute, SocialFeed provides the first front page of crypto Twitter.

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