SludgeFeed Releases Its First Batch of Enjin-Powered NFTs in Collaboration With

The mighty ‘Sludge Dragon’ (

New SludgeFeed-themed NFTs are coming and they’re powered by Enjin (ENJ).

In collaboration with, a new marketing startup focused on improving loyalty and rewards programs with NFTs, we have minted the very first ERC-1155 in-game character: the Sludge Dragon.

The Sludge Dragon will be usable in, Forgotten Artifacts — as a pet that joins you on your adventure — and other partnered games.

To celebrate this event, we are giving away 100 Sludge Dragon NFTs to participants who complete a few easy steps on the giveaway page. The promotion runs through December 28 and the Dragons will be sent out shortly thereafter.

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Sludge Dragon Lore ?

Birthed from green fire, the Sludge Dragon is considered one of the fiercest beasts in the Multiverse. With its metallic armor and blazing inferno blasts, the Sludge Dragon has yet to know defeat. Hundreds of great armies have tried, but none have succeeded to even land a minor blow against the Sludge Dragon. But what perhaps makes the Sludge Dragon the most dangerous is its silver tongue, as it can accrue great treasures by spreading its influence through the lands.

The Sludge Dragon is the first step of a broader collaboration with, which is currently focused on developing Multiverse quests that feature NFT game items, allowing players to earn rewards for using their virtual inventory across multiple games and platforms.

This event marks the second batch of NFTs from SludgeFeed. We previously partnered with Blockade Games to release The Revelator Z17 for the upcoming RPG Neon District.

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