SludgeFeed Partners With OpenSea to Bring Blockchain Gaming Items to News Platform

SludgeFeed and OpenSea

SludgeFeed has partnered with OpenSea, the leading digital marketplace for crypto collectibles, to bring blockchain gaming items to its platform.

Through the new partnership, OpenSea will provide technical support for SludgeFeed as it develops a unique non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that directly integrates into its platform and content.

By enabling readers to directly interact with blockchain gaming NFTs, SludgeFeed and OpenSea hope to further push mainstream adoption of the new industry.

“While the blockchain gaming industry holds a lot of promise, the current adoption rates are still minimal compared to traditional gaming,” said Tom Stankewicz, editor in chief and co-founder of SludgeFeed. “Together with OpenSea, we aim to take blockchain gaming to new heights by enabling unique and interactive ways to engage with in-game items and collectibles directly in our platform.”

“OpenSea is incredibly excited about the growing number of digital assets on blockchain‚ÄĒfrom crypto collectibles to ‘decentralized native’ domain names to traditional digital assets like event tickets,” added Devin Finzer, co-founder of OpenSea. “We’re excited that SludgeFeed is bringing more awareness and visibility to this brand new space.”

SludgeFeed’s partnership with OpenSea opens a number of new doors for blockchain games that have adopted SludgeFeed into their ecosystem, providing unmatched marketing and revenue opportunities.

“We’re excited to partner with a leader in the space like OpenSea to further our efforts in developing a unique media model that integrates our brand with leading blockchain games,” said Craig Russo, co-founder of SludgeFeed. “The cross-talk between our leading news content and the upcoming marketplace will create a user experience unlike any other on the market today.”

SludgeFeed’s NFT marketplace will be available in early 2020.


Craig Russo


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  1. Great news. I hope you succeed. The logic of the blockchain game is controlled by a smart contract. This means that neither the developers nor the players themselves will be able to intervene in the gameplay and adjust the rules. For example, a user pumps a character, participates in a virtual race, opens a chest with pirate treasures, or sells game loot to another user. Each of these actions is essentially a transaction, as a result of which the player receives a certain amount of a digital asset into the account. The smart contract in this case guarantees that the terms of the transaction made in the game will be unambiguously fulfilled.

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