Team Behind Axie Infinity Releases New Game Hub and Launcher

Mavis Hub’s login screen

Sky Mavis, the company behind the Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity, announced on Thursday that it has released the Mavis Hub, a new consolidated platform for news, game updates and new game releases.

According to the Sky Mavis team, the release marks a major step for their development capabilities as the platform will allow the team to publish their own games based on the Axie Infinity IP and future non-Axie IP.

The main screen on Mavis Hub (Axie Infinity)

Given Axie Infinity’s growing community and ecosystem, a single platform to consolidate both official and third-party ecosystem products looks to be a strong move by the team.

With the launch of the Mavis Hub, Axie Infinity also released a patch that replaced the game’s winter background and fixed a bug with the move “Clamshell” that resulted in it not triggering against Beast-type Axies.

The updated Axie Infinity menu featuring the new spring background (Axie Infinity)

You can download the Mavis Hub, which includes the new downloader for Axie Infinity, on the community page by linking your email or Ethereum wallet.

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