Shroud Joins Ninja in Jumping Ship From Twitch to Mixer

Shroud is moving to Mixer (Shroud / Twitter)

Popular video game streamer and former CS:GO pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has officially made the switch from Twitch to Microsoft’s (MSFT) Mixer.

In a recent tweet, Shroud announced that he will now be streaming on Mixer. A decision that comes around 2 months after Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made a similar switch.

While it’s currently unclear why Shroud made the decision to bail on his Twitch account with more than 7 million followers, Ninja’s departure was reportedly due to ongoing disagreements related to their contract and his freedom on the platform.

As we recently reported, the number of hours streamed on Mixer tripled after Ninja joined the platform, and the number of unique channels streaming on the platform has doubled quarter-over-quarter. The platform even bested YouTube Gaming Live in hours of gaming content streamed for the first time ever.

On the flip side, the data also shows that the total number of viewers has yet to see a similar increase, although this is likely to change over the next few months.

The latest move by Shroud confirms that Ninja’s move wasn’t simply a one-off departure and that Twitch may be under some serious pressure from competitors moving forward.

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