Shanghai Defeats Boston Uprising for Its First Overwatch League Win

via Overwatch League / Facebook

It’s been a tough 2 years for the Shanghai Dragons, an Overwatch League team that suffered 42 straight losses over the period.

Fortunately, the streak, which was actually the longest losing streak in professional sports history, has finally been put to rest with a 3-0 victory over Boston Uprising on Friday.

The team responsible for the franchise’s first victory looks dramatically different than last year’s squad, which went 0-40. Of the original roster, only Geguri, Diya, and Fearless remain while eight other players were replaced. The team is now made up mostly of Korean players with a deeper experience level.

If you’ve ever wondered what pure joy looks like, look for further than the response from the crowd and the Shanghai Dragons team after securing the victory.

Interestingly, the Uprising’s lackluster performance came the same day team owner Robert Kraft was charged as a John in a Florida prostitution investigation. All in all, a rough day for the city of Boston.

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