Scammers Hack Vertcoin’s Twitter Account to Solicit Bitcoin From Followers

Twitter / @Vertcoin

Vertcoin (VTC), a popular cryptocurrency designed for peer-to-peer payments, had its official Twitter account hacked on Tuesday. Using the compromised account, which is branded with the coveted verified checkmark, scammers attempted to solicit bitcoin from unsuspecting followers through a malicious fake-giveaway tactic.

This hacking comes only days after Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, had his account compromised in a similar manner. While Durov was able to act fast to remove the Tweet, the damage had already been done with nearly $40,000 in ETH and nearly $20,000 in BTC sent by the unexpecting victims, in just a matter of minutes.

Prior to Durov’s hacking, Seif Elsbei’s verified Twitter account (@seifsbei), which boasts a verified account and over 83,000 followers, was hijacked to pose as the official accounts of six major crypto groups, including the high-profile privacy project Verge and Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex.

There has been no announcement from Twitter regarding real solutions to this ever-growing problem. Instead, earlier this year, the company made the decision to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements, in an attempt to ‘reduce fraud.’

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