Blockchain-Based Marketplace Robot Cache Will Have Over 700 Games at Launch


Two weeks ago, Fortnite creator Epic Games announced a new game store that boasts a generous 88% revenue share with game publishers, a major bump from the 70-80% currently offered by Steam.

Now, Robot Cache, a blockchain-based game platform founded back in January, is preparing to hit the market, with the explicit aim of pulling developers and gamers away from Steam.

Robot Cache features a game marketplace that allows publishers to retain 95% of a game’s sales. Based on recent announcements, this model has driven publisher adoption as RobotCache is now home to over 700 games from 23 different publishers,¬†including Paradox Interactive, THQ Nordic, Devolver Digital and inXile Entertainment.

“These creators are bringing more than 700 great games to the platform at launch next year,” Robot Cache CEO Lee Jacobson said in a press release. “Their support means that we will be able to give gamers the largest launch library in the history of video games with even more to be announced soon.”

Robot Cache’s blockchain integration brings additional elements, including the ability of users to mine IRON, the platform’s token, with unused GPU power. These tokens are redeemable for games and other in-platform content.

This blockchain fuels an in-platform marketplace that allows users to resell their digital content, granting a 25% refund in IRON tokens to the seller and another source of revenue for the game’s creator (70% of the resale value).

Robot Cache is currently taking signups for early access,¬†which includes benefits like name reservation, free IRON and “Founder Forever” status.

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