DeFi Resources

Price and Market Cap Data

DeFi Stats

Gas Prices

Portfolio Tracking and Management

  • DeFi Saver – a management portal for positions in Compound, Maker and Aave and other portfolio operations
  • DeBank – an all-in-one wallet dashboard with DeFi stats and other tools
  • Frontier – combine your wallets, manage your assets and interact with DeFi protocols on iOS and Android
  • InstaDapp – interact with Compound, Curve, Aave and Maker from one dashboard
  • – a simple dashboard for tracking your positions
  • Zerion – a trustless banking interface that allows you to interact with various protocols


  • DCA Land – automate your dollar-cost-averaging
  • Idle – a saving aggregation protocol with auto-rebalancing

More Lists


  • MetaMask – Ethereum wallet available as a browser extension and on iOS and Android
  • WalletConnect – an open protocol for connecting wallets to dapps
  • Argent – a secure smart contract wallet for iOS and Android
  • Atomic Wallet – a desktop and mobile multi-blockchain wallet with built-in staking and its own token
  • Portis (ShapeShift) – a non-custodial browser wallet
  • Equal – a Chrome browser extension wallet with a built-in dapp and DEX store
  • Magic (Formatic) – a web3-enabled wallet that uses a phone number or email, no need for a browser extension
  • Opera – a built-in web3-enabled wallet for the Opera browser
  • DEXwallet – “The mobile wallet for decentralized finance,” with built-in staking, lending, borrowing and trading
  • Coinbase Wallet – a non-custodial, DeFi-enabled wallet for storing digital assets and collectibles
  • MEW – an open-source, non-custodial wallet platform for the Ethereum blockchain
  • Gnosis Safe – a secure way to manage funds and interact with dapps, available as a browser, desktop or mobile app
  • imToken – an easy-to-use mobile wallet that supports multiple blockchains and over 200k+ tokens
  • Pillar – an open-source, non-custodial mobile wallet with free transactions, usernames, private messaging and NFT rewards

Decentralized Insurance

Crypto Newsletters

  • EthHub Weekly – a curated selection of the week’s Ethereum news by the founders of EthHub
  • The Daily Gwei – “Daily commentary on the Ethereum ecosystem” by Anthony Sassano
  • Off the Chain – Anthony Pompliano writes about major events in crypto, with podcast interviews included
  • Token Tuesdays – a Tuesday newsletter from crypto consulting firm Fitzner Blockchain that includes token picks

DeFi Newsletters

  • Bankless – “The ultimate guide to crypto finance” by Ryan Sean Adams
  • The Defiant – Camila Russo’s curated analysis of the latest happenings in the DeFi space, with guest op-eds and exclusive interviews
  • DeFi Pulse Farmer – DeFi Pulse’s new yield farming-focused newsletter
  • DeFi Weekly – a weekly newsletter focused on technical achievements in decentralized finance
  • Dose of DeFi – a weekly newsletter with deep dives into the DeFi space

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