Razer’s Paid to Play Gamer Reward Program Is Back

via Razer.com

Razer (RAZFF), a Singapore-based gaming hardware maker, recently revealed that its Razer Cortex: Paid to Play reward program is back in full on both PC and mobile devices.

According to the Razer Cortex landing page, gamers can earn Razer Silver just for launching and playing your favorite games. Razer Silver is a loyalty reward credit for gamers that can be redeemed Razer peripherals, digital rewards such as games, vouchers and more.

“Each featured game on Razer Cortex PC grants you 5 Razer Silver or more after 1 minute of gameplay, limited to the daily cap. Be sure to always launch your game from Razer Cortex PC to record your gameplay time to secure your Razer Silver,” Razer said.

The two featured PC games through the end of December include PUBG and Crossfire. The mobile version currently supports PUBG Mobile and Rival: Crimson x Chaos and gamers earn Razer Silver after approximately 3 minutes of gameplay.

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