Online PvP Action Game TRAPS Joins the TRON Arcade

via LittleFox / Tron Arcade

TRAPS, an adaptation of where players control one or more cells and compete for space in a map representing a petri dish, is officially joining the TRON Arcade, TRON’s (TRX) $100 million blockchain gaming initiative.

According to the announcement, the game is being developed by LittleFox and allows players to stake and earn TRX in matches with other players. The game features unique skins, a number of ways to earn TRX and LittleFox’s new TPS token. This token will underpin all future projects the team creates — a gameplay-based token reward system similar to pixEOS and its pixEOS Paint game.

In TRAPS, players control a cell that moves freely across the map and the larger it becomes, the more dangerous the player is to the competition. If a player’s cell gets ‘devoured’ by an opponent, then all TRX is lost.

The TRAPS leaderboard can change in an instant (LittleFox / Tron Arcade)

After the TRON Arcade team tried out the new game, it decided to partner with LittleFox to boost its development and help bring it to the masses.

“Since TRAPS launched, the office has been challenging each other for bragging rights (and TRX) in this addictive game,” the TRON Arcade team said in the announcement. “Even with just 10 players in a TRX wager match, the office was abuzz. We can only imagine the amount of hype if dozens, or even hundreds, of players were all duking it out for a massive prize pool.”

The full set of gameplay rules can be found here or you can just jump into a game.

More: TRAPS by LittleFox is ready to devour the competition with real-time PvP on the blockchain!

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