Staking Startup PureStake Announces Support for Polkadot’s Kusama

Kusama’s canary logo (Polkadot.Network)

Boston-based staking startup PureStake announced this week that it has launched a new validator service for Kusama (KSM), an experimental network built to test Polkadot.

According to the announcement, KSM holders can now stake their tokens with PureStake, which provides a secure and reliable validator service that leverages an infrastructure-as-code approach with multiple cloud environments across AWS, Azure and Google clouds.

“Our Validator service for Kusama is the first of several planned infrastructure services in the Polkadot ecosystem,” said PureStake CEO Derek Yoo. “Polkadot and Substrate dramatically reduce the barriers and friction that traditionally have come with building blockchain networks, while at the same time allowing for application specialization. We believe that these technologies will drive significant innovation in the blockchain space.”

Kusuma is essentially an early build of Polkadot’s network, allowing developers to build and deploy a parachain or test out Polkadot’s governance, staking, nomination and validation functionality in a realistic environment. The network will remain separate from Polkadot, although 1% of DOT tokens have been reserved as an incentive to the Kusama stakeholders and community.

This is the second network supported by PureStake, which previously launched to provide blockchain and infrastructure services for the Algorand (ALGO) network.

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